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Tree Removal - Foxcover Tree Services

Tree removal is necessary when dead, dying or diseased trees present a safety hazard for people and structures. It can also be required when trees become too big for your garden, and underlying growth can cause damage to foundations.

At Foxcover we strive to retain as many trees as possible but when full tree removal is required we have a highly qualified team of tree surgeons, who will safely complete any tree felling regardless of location, size or condition.

We have the necessary equipment and experience to fell trees whether it is a straight forward felling or sectional dismantling of large trees.

Our Tree Surgeons are fully trained, insured and certified in all aspects of Tree Felling.

Tree Pruning & Shaping - Foxcover Tree Services

General tree pruning is a preventative measure of tree care which reduces the potential of problems in the future. Regular tree pruning also improves visual appeal of your garden and keeps your trees in a great condition, encouraging growth. It is also important to ensure trees stay structurally sound and therefore reducing the risk of a tree posing a safety hazard. Methods of tree pruning include:

  • Crown Lifting removing the lower branches to heighten the canopy of the tree. This technique is very effective at increasing light in gardens and through windows.
  • Crown Thinning Removal of secondary branches within the trees crown. This retains the trees shape and size but allows light and air to circulate through the tree. This technique is very useful if there is a concern about the tree in high winds.
  • Crown Reduction Reducing the height or spread of a trees crown, usually back to suitable growth points. This reduces the crowns overall size.
  • Dead Wood This involves the removal of dead or damaged branches. This is a main element of tree management and ensures there is no safety risk should there be adverse weather conditions.

Hedge trimming is an important part of maintaining your garden, it manages the hedge and ensures that it grows as intended. Well maintained hedges not only adds to the aesthetics of your property but also acts as a natural privacy barrier and well as protecting your property from the elements. Regular trimming of your hedge will promote new and thicker growth and will improve the overall health and shape of your hedge.

Tree Stump Removal - Foxcover Tree Services

Where tree felling has occurred, the remaining stumps can cause many problems including re- growth, tripping hazards or restricting of new planting.

We use specialist tree stump removal grinder, which grinds or mulches the stump from below ground level. We have a range of stump grinders depending on the type and size of the stump to be removed.

Wood Chipping - Foxcover Tree Services

We provide an onsite timber shredding service. This allows us to transform all timber into wood chips.

Foxcover have a range of wood chippers suitable for all clients - our smaller chipper is ideal for areas with restricted access and our larger wood chipper, for areas where access isn't a problem, allows us to shred large amounts of branches. Each client can decide it they would like us to use the mulch in their garden or have us remove it.

Site Clearance - Foxcover Tree Services

Foxcover can carry out any size site clearance needs from large contracts to small private jobs. If you need a site cleared due to building works or just want a new start for your garden we are here to do it for you.